Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Meant to be

So I've been trying to convince my brother to strengthen his vocabulary. "Go to everytime you're not sure what a word means!!", I'd preach.
Fast forward >> Today I randomly come across a review of a new modern girl's guide to personal finances book titled "On My Own Two Feet" on hmm I wish I knew how to link people's blogs but for now I'll just copy and paste the link:

and realized - OMG I'm in a financial CUL DE SAC!!!

I'm a 25 year old single female living in Manhattan (notoriously expensive) and I have no savings! Only liabilities... I am like Carrie Bradshaw (sorry last SATC reference -I swear) sans Mr. Big but with rent-controlled apartment and closet full of designer clothing.
Which is where the problem lies.. hopefully by starting this blog I can really document where all my money goes and hopefully pay down my debts and start a SAVINGS. I also wish to learn how to invest.

Speaking of which, here's this week's expenditures (It's only Wednesday):
Last night - Dirty Bingo & dinner at Paradou: $76
Today - Japanese lunch with colleague - $6
Eye treatment package at Spa: $260 (comes in a package of 10- fyi I have really bad undereye circles).
Total credit card debt not including student loans - $6,000.00
Thank gosh tomorrow is pay day.. I try to pay at least $1k per month and have to say, I really came a LONG way.. beginning debt in 2006 was $25,000 in credit cards alone.
Oh, back to the beginning, so my brother has been texting me random words he comes across that he finds funny. He just text me "Frivolous- hey thats you Judy!" Great.. I'll take that as a *Sign from above.

Thank you to the blogger Wellheeled (really wish I knew how to link). You may have just changed my life.